Spirit Communication

Here I devote myself entirely to your communicators from the spirit world. They are usually friends, relatives or acquaintances who wish to get in touch. However it is always the spirit world who decide who will communicate and not the medium.

Mediums are not fortune tellers and they don’t deliver perfect solutions to problems. But they do often receive very important advice which can help aid us in decision making on many levels, eg. job related, relationships, health, family, finances etc. These pointers can often be very important in our every day lives, however we must all take responsibility for our own decisions and actions.

Consultation duration / Consultation costs

Consultation hours

Tuesday – Thursday

3.30 pm – 6 pm


By absence the telephone answering machine is switched on.


Lillian Steiner-Iten

Zuswil 20

CH-6217 Kottwil


CHF 140.–

per session

(duration approx. 45 min.)

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