Seminar Arthur Findlay College England

Come and join us on a fun week working heart to heart with pets and animals to help
make this world a better place.

This is a week for anyone who loves animals and has the desire to have a deeper understanding of their well being and their inner nature. The week is designed for those who are beginners but also for those who have more experience with animal communication.

We will be focussing on intuition and communication, trance healing, sourcing areas of discomfort or pain, pets in the spirit world, and soul to soul presence. We will be working with photos to recognise behavioural problems or health issues and how to resolve them.

This course will help to provide you with a key to open the door into a new way of seeing the animals around us and coming to understand them better, opening us up to the magic of communication with all animals.


Please bring lots of photos of your pets and animals you know well.

Animal Communication AFC 2018.pdf
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Organisation, process and costs


27. Oct. - 03. Nov. 2018

Course Organiser

Lillian Steiner-Iten


Lillian Steiner-Iten

Minister Simone Key UK


Arthur Findlay College

Stansted UK


Would you like to register for this seminar? Registration takes place directly from Arthur Findlay College. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.