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We will be looking at how our spirit team can support our work with pets and animals and how they can enhance the information we receive and help to give us a deeper understanding of pets as the souls they are. The deeper our relationship is with those who work with us, the greater the potential is for clarity in a communication.

This course will include exercises to recognise your spirit team and guides and how their presence may open up new channels of communication, which we may not have been aware of before.


During this course, we will be studying our pets using photos and learning to gain specific information about their physical, emotional and mental well-being, in order to help the relationship between pets and their people become more fulfilled.


The course will also cover healing for pets and we will learn how healing may be especially effective to help pets who are suffering on a physical, level or an emotional level too. Healing can help to deepen the bond between human and pets as we work on the deeper levels of energy.


This course is designed for us to have fun and I believe it is suitable for all levels of students, from beginners to advanced, but more importantly for everyone with a love of animals. I look forward to seeing you!

Please bring lots of photos of your pets and animals you know well.


Organisation and Bookings


24. Feb. - 02. March 2024

Course Organiser

Lillian Steiner


Lillian Steiner

Minister Simone Key UK


Arthur Findlay College

Stansted UK


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