Experience the Spirit World

After successfully finishing my training as a dental technician, my fascination for metaphysical things increased and I started to deepen my study in different aspects of this matter. My main interest was mediumship and I have constantly developed my gifts and work as a medium, over the last twenty years. 

The spirit world has always been a part of my life. To see and understand this world was always something very natural and normal and today I pass that knowledge and experience on to others in an understandable and tangible way. I work as a spiritual medium and animal communicator in both Switzerland and overseas.

Consultations and Courses

I receive information through pictures, feelings and intuition. In order to communicate with your animal friend, I need its name, age and most importantly a photo of it on its own. The best photos are where the animals eyes are clearly visible.


The original form of this therapy for horses stems from Bowen Therapy, which is a therapy based on the manual application of gentle non-invasive moves, which the Australian Tom Bowen developed at the end of the seventies for humans with physical medical conditions.

Everyone is psychic. This is often experienced subconsciously in the form of premonitions as a good feeling or as dreams or empathy. However, every form of mediumship requires a great deal of practice and trust, which is often established only through years of experience with the spiritual world.


The state which we call trance is actually a state of very deep relaxation and a letting go of our conscious mind. So we can find a place of inner peace, inner freedom  and unity, where deeper spirituality can begin. Trance also helps to intensify every other form of mediumship or sensitivity by allowing creative and integretive powers to be used through the medium.