A Celebration of Spirit

The focus of this week is to embrace your own style of working and to recognise how you can optimise your skills and your blending with the spirit world in order to serve them and humankind to the best of your ability. 

We will be looking at how to feel the joy of the spirit world and to celebrate the wonder of this special place, The Arthur Findlay College which brings so much healing and comfort to those in need.


The week will also be focusing on challenging you beyond your own limitations and developing new skills and techniques which may help you to move your mediumship on to a new level and a new spiritual understanding, helping you to become more confident in your work.


We will also especially be focusing on bereavement support and how to deal with the bereaved who need regular sittings to cope with the parting of a specific loved one to the spirit world.


A medium is not by vocation a counsellor but often when people lose a loved one, it’s not the counselling they are searching for, but the comfort of spirit communication to help them accept and move on, and sometimes this takes more than one sitting. We will be looking at how to focus on one specific communicator, the needs of the sitter and the spirit communicator and the part the medium plays in this kind of situation.


Come and join us on week of spiritual growth and development, but also of fun and joy for the spirit world. Whether you are taking your first steps in mediumship or you have more experience, we always need to be open for new pathways for development in order to grow not just as a medium but also spiritually. And this is course is designed to do just that.

Organisation & Booking


14-21 October 2023


Lillian Steiner


Arthur Findlay College

Stansted UK


Would you like to register for this seminar? Registration takes place directly from Arthur Findlay College. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.