the meaning behind the message ONLINE-SEMINAR

This online seminar is all about learning to understand how pets communicate with us and how they portray their messages to us. 

As animal communicators we have a responsibility to portray their messages as clearly as we possibly can, as well as understanding the underlying meaning behind some of these messages, which so often gets lost “in translation”. We need to remember that this communication, may be the pets one and only chance to communicate directly with their person. So, the importance of getting it right and putting their desires, wishes and thoughts across as well as we possibly can, is an important part of we do.

I believe we can often misinterpret the meaning of the messages and we certainly often only scratch the surface of all that needs to be said, because we do not take the time to be open to all possibilities and because we overlook the subtleties within the message.


Many pet owners are not aware of the deeper needs of the pets and how their lack of understanding on this level can bring sadness to the pets, who wish to be recognised on this deeper soul level.


This course is all about learning to understand our own personal way of working and learning to be open to all the possibilities that a message can bring with it. We will be looking at animal communication and evidence, but a large part of the seminar will be dealing with the message, which is so important.


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Organisation, process and costs


15/16 July 2023


11am - 3pm

(swiss local time)


Lillian Steiner


Online-Seminar (ZOOM)


 CHF 200.- to be paid before course begin


Bookings under: or Mobile +41 41 938 00 02