Animal communication and lost pets (Online course)

Anyone who has lost a pet will know how distressing this situation is and understand how important it is to support and help those who find themselves in this situation. But also, the importance of recognising how stressful life is for a pet who is lost and missing its family and home and how we can support them through this time as well.

We will be looking at ways to determine what happened to the pet and how they went missing, as well as using techniques to help lost pets find their way back home again. We will also be learning about the importance of setting our own boundaries in order to work to the best of our abilities for both the pet and their family as this work is always very emotional for all involved.


During this course, we will be studying pets using photos and learning how to gain specific information about their physical, emotional and mental well-being which will determine the approach of the communication.


This course is only for people who have some understanding of mediumship and animal communication.


I look forward to seeing you. Please bring photos of pets and animals you know well.

Online course (ZOOM)
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Organisation & Booking



11-12 November 2023


3pm - 7pm

(Swiss local time)


CHF 160.-

to be paid before course begin



Lillian Steiner


 Online per ZOOM


Would you like to register for this seminar? Registration takes place directly from Arthur Findlay College. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.