An introduction to Lillian Steiner-Iten 

Lillian was born in 1965 in Auckland, New Zealand, after successfully finishing college she travelled to Switzerland, in 1984. She then trained as a dental technician. After successfully finishing her training, her fascination for metaphysical things increased and she started to deepen her study in different aspects of this matter. Her main interest was mediumship and she has constantly developed her gifts and work as a medium, over the last ten years. The main part of her development was completed at the Arthur Findlay College in Stansted, England, where she is now an approved tutor.

She completed her animal communication training through Kathy Mensing, Montana, USA. Lillian has researched and investigated the background of this theme in combination with intuition and awareness extensively and by so doing has succeeded in making animal communication become tangible and palpable for all. Lillian has had her own dogs, cats and horses for many years. Animal communication in combination with her many years of experience with animals enables her to work successfully in this area.

Lillian has her own centre for spiritual mediumship, trance and animal communication in Kottwil / Lucerne.

She runs her own practice for private sittings and animal communication and holds practical workshops in both mediumship and animal communication as well as practice circles throughout the country and overseas.

The spirit world has always been a part of her life. To see and understand this world was always something very natural and normal and today she passes that knowledge and experience on to others in an understandable and tangible way. She works as a spiritual medium and animal communicator in both Switzerland and overseas.
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